It’s not that unusual…if you are a cat

Living in a home dominated by cats has taught me to close the closet door in the bedroom so as not to have my underclothes strewn down the hall because he could not find a mouse to present…Benjamin Franklin.

If you don’t claim your food and protect it…you have nothing to fear from the dogs.  The best surprise is when I find him licking the butter off my toast in the morning.  William Jefferson Clinton.

I adore you, mom but if you scratch my lower belly, I will bite your arm…just sayin’ I’m not one of the other cats you can just pet anywhere and expect me to love it….and don’t think I’m going to share my spot with Bill Clinton.   Baxter

If you hold me to give me a pill, put anti flea med on my neck, carry me to the vet or pick me up to just love and pet me when I greet you in the morning, the police will come.  I can be as loud as I need to be….I scream.  Harry S Truman.

They think I’m scared of everything….I may not have any claws but I have teeth so back off…they call me Minnie.

Scratching the bedroom door at 3am to be let in.  Hogging the bed.  Trying to cover up mom’s coffee because it smells bad.  Loving Pate wet canned food but only certain kinds…..even as I am almost too hungry to meow.  Laying in front of the computer screen, sneezing on the computer screen, sitting in front of the computer screen so you can catch the cursor, running up and down the keys of the piano.

IMG_1169 IMG_0218 IMG_1167 (2) 025

023 IMG_0109 718 418

It’s what we do….

2 thoughts on “It’s not that unusual…if you are a cat

  1. Seeing your kitties makes me so miss having one. My cat, Bean, used to grab my very large & heavy terrycloth robe off my bed and drag it to the other end of the house to present it to me. When she couldn’t get my robe it was my unmentionables. So cute. She was also my kitty that played fetch. Loved it. I love the picture.


  2. Hahaha! I totally understand. They make daily life so interesting. Leia likes to come into the bathroom with me in the morning and then after I flush she ambles over to watch what is happening on the inside of the toilet. She only does this with me.


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