When it stops….

I have NOT been the least bit afraid of retirement.  What will you do?  What if the retirement money isn’t enough?  Aren’t you nervous about not working?  No not really…although I do look at my life right now and wonder how I”m going to feel when all of the stress just stops.  Oh, I’m not really complaining…I’m very lucky..most of my stress is self made by decisions I make or have made..I take responsibility..and this job…it’s a good job and I couldn’t really have better bosses…but the stress of dealing with negativity all day long and knowing what horrible things happen to people without their consent…that is what is stressful….that is what goes home with me at night…accidents, medical emergencies and crazy people who have gone bad!

Somehow on my way to work this morning…this helped me put it all into perspective….


I followed it all the way to work…it seemed to get bigger and brighter.  It…..me……perspective.

Until next time….


8 thoughts on “When it stops….

  1. Now I’m sorry I didn’t open the curtains this morning and look up at the moon.
    I picture so much laughter and freedom for you. I’m definitely excited for you!


    • It was a gorgeous moon last night and just as lovely this morning.

      I think you are right, it will be a liberating and exciting time in Nina’s life – a whole new, very good chapter.


  2. Ya…even more perspective…we really are just specks


  3. Cosmo’s moon (reference from Moonstruck). I watched it this morning, too. Funny and cool that we were both watching the moon this morning. Craig actually commented on the moon. He was thinking about all the people through the ages who looked up and admired the moon and there we were still looking up at the moon.


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