A Monday night with the elderly!

If you are driving down a country road at midnight and hit a deer and careen into a ditch, you want someone to drive by….if you are driving down a gravel road and run out of gas 1.5 miles from home…you love seeing the headlights of a neighbor coming down the road behind you.  If you and your husband and his brother (who are 60+ years old, I might add) have been able to hoist themselves into the back of a pickup truck that is sitting in a field drive, found the perfect spot to arrange yourself to cushion your back and your head on the cold metal at midnight, you don’t really want anyone to drive by because chances are you would actually have to sit up to say – we’re okay while losing the only warmth of your body outline.  But when you have missed the well publicized night of the Perseid shower..by one night…ya…you seriously are very thankful that the road was quiet and everyone else had brushed their teeth and tucked themselves in for the night.  If they weren’t just black, I would post the pics I took with my phone camera.  Seriously…we saw a few shooting stars…I saw one that was impressive with a trail…but for the rest of the hour, I layed in the back of the pickup with the two comedians…did I mention they had consumed an alcoholic concoction that may have been premium because when my brother in law handed it to him he said, so…you don’t have to work tomorrow, right?  They will use that excuse…me…I have no excuse other than I listened to the direction of a couple of 60 year olds  who had a little alcohol along with the bats in the belfry.   It was fun…it was really fun!

Until next time….

3 thoughts on “A Monday night with the elderly!

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  2. It sounds like a lot of fun! I love doing things like that. 🙂


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