1972 Natural High

1972 Natural High

Had me one of those experiences last night which puts life into perspective.

I had a great adolescence .

Yesterday was the 40th (plus or minus a few years for some) reunion of the Rising Sun Youth Group.  I missed the afternoon event because of work but met up with part of the group last night for dinner.  We were a very active youth group… we did musicals – we took our musicals on the road to area churches, we played together, we prayed together.  Someone said last night that memories were coming back that he had spent a lifetime trying to forget.  hahahahaha.

2013 reunion

We spent a lot of time going around the room  talking and listening to each other about what we are doing and have done since we were a group…our jobs, our successes and our sorrows, our families – it was wonderful.  I hope in 5 or 10 years, we can do this again…there were a lot of people missing – some had previous plans and some couldn’t make it because of  the distance to travel.

We were awesome together…we have a forever connection and we still like each other….it doesn’t get better than that….much love.

Until next time….

5 thoughts on “1972 Natural High

  1. have i been blackballed for offering an alternate opinion?


  2. It was kind of awful really. I was there. It was like returning to the scene of a near death accident you were in 40 years previous. On the one hand you can celebrate that you lived through it, but on the other hand, you really don’t want to remember it and you certainly don’t want to do it again. I really hated being a teenager. I wasn’t any good at it. As I said, it was awful. I’m glad it’s over and I won’t be doing it again. I found one particular alumnus to be very obnoxious. It’s no coincidence that I also thought that 40 years ago. Things don’t really change do they? I’m sure he thought the same thing about me. That’s all right. He seems to be shriveling up like a bad raisin anyway . Poor thing. Was that uncharitable? So be it. I will have to live with the consequences of my error.


  3. How wonderful and always so nice to get together with old friends and catch up.


  4. I am glad your reunion went so well. It seems like you were a groovy bunch.


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