Old Friends…

The girls at applebys

It was an old friends kind of day yesterday…I mean old and Old *sticking out tongue!
Deb, Deb and Billie are from my youth group days at church.  Oh trust me…there were two more Debs..but only one Nina and one Billie.  I hadn't seen one of the Debs (in aqua and brown) for 39 years.  I was sitting on a bench outside Applebys waiting for the group to assemble and Deb walked past me and into the building.  I looked at her but didn't really look at her and visa versa…she came back out and said Nina..it was instant recognition and very joyful!!!!!  We spent about 3 hours together attempting to plan a youth group reunion for next month but someone had to say – hey – everyone please focus as we had several conversations going at the same time.  It's really fun to reminisce…at one point I turned to Billie (on the right in this picture) and send..hmmm wasn't it you that left…….and she immediately knew what I was talking about…

After we separated, I did a little shopping and met him at Okoboji grill along with old friends, Ed and Malia Hicks.  We started in where we left the conversation 8 years ago.  We have seen the Hicks off and on over those 8 years but not just the 4 of us to connect.  We ate dinner and spent the rest of the evening at Maytag Park at the Maytag Bowl watching the community band perform.  Wonderful breeze, wonderful blue sky with white puffy clouds…I self-talked myself to just enjoy the moment and let everything else blow away.

Maytag Bowl

I couldn't post any of the several pictures taken of Malia and I.  It may sound vane to say none of them were good of both of us.  But the truth is…..there were no pictures that didn't make us look old and overweight.  How is that possible?

Until next time…..

9 thoughts on “Old Friends…

  1. It’s wonderful catching up with old friends. Thank you very much for the add, look forward to getting to know you šŸ™‚


  2. Sounds like an absolutely perfect day! I really love your white top. How long did it stay clean?


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