Synchronized Flashing

I was rather mesmerized this morning by the synchronized flashing of the charging wireless headset and the basement door alarm I had just silenced.  So mesmerized that it held my attention for at least a minute.  All the while I was willing it to just slightly unsync.  Quite different from my mental disfiguration while sitting at a stop light listening to my turn signal ding while watching just ahead of me the car’s rear turn signal flash…mentally willing it to get in sync with my ding ding ding!  For me, it is like the proverbial blowing in the ear to scramble the brain.  Whatever I was thinking about before I had to stop the car is gone…Ready for a new thought process when my foot hits the gas.

Prior to the flashing lights, I was thinking about peace of mind and clear thoughts.  Last night, Kate and Adam took us…well took Him out for Father’s Day and I was invited to go along…at any rate, after dinner we went downtown and stood on the pedestrian bridge to watch the Des Moines river flow beneath us.  It was quite peaceful…why can’t I seem to just be there and live in the moment – put everything else out of my mind and just be.  This is my goal.  I don’t think I’m going to be able to just will myself to do it…I think it is going to take some kind of mind training…I hate to say this too loud for fear the family will find me a nice quiet place to live!

Until next time…

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