There are easier ways to do it, perhaps…there are calendars, countdown apps for the computer (I know, I have one), the weekly weekend, Sunday church day…many ways to click off the weeks in our lives.  I’ve never been able to use the weekend because I have a rotating work schedule…different days off during the week…actually only 1 weekend a month…for the most part, I don’t mind working on the weekend…the office is quiet and administrative calls are at a minimum.  But I count down the weeks every Sunday because it is the day I dump litter boxes.  I have several of those electric boxes that go around and around 24 times a day…it pushes the little poo up the ladder and into a bin…it’s like the best invention since sliced bread.  But that is how I count off my weeks.  Maybe instead of the retirement countdown on my computer I should just count up how many weeks I have left before retirement and hang a calendar in the cat’s room in the basement….then we would all be on the same page…well, except he and the dogs.

I learned yesterday from @emmybee that not only is my “davenport” not used by very many folks…but not everyone calls gym shoes-sneakers by the name of tennis shoes.  I have obviously not given this subject more attention because I thought that everyone called them tennis shoes..the other obvious one I can think of is pop, cola and soda and all of the variations..there are many regional dialects here in the US.  This is America..we do not all speak the same language… although, I am going to put it out there…I think if you are in ‘merica, you should be speaking a form of the english language…and if you choose not to do so…don’t expect to be able to speak your language and be understood.  That could really be unhandy if you need emergency help.  We speak english.

Best of all…today is Sunday….pooper day… but it is also my Friday.  I’ll think about ya’ll crawling out of bed with the alarm Monday morning.

Until next time….

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