The dye packs used by banks to protect money in case of robbery has nothing on his breakfast cereal loaded with fiber bombs.  I've been taking my cereal box to work with me..just seems easier than pouring it into a container then hauling the container home to wash it.  Yesterday, I left my cereal box sitting on my desk at work.  Upon arriving home, I realized it was there because I wanted a half of a bowl of cereal as my afternoon snack…so…investigating in the cupboard, I found "his" cereal.  I normally respect his stash and he respects my stash…but it looked sooo good.  I had half a bowl…it satisfied..I was happy.  Until the fiber bombs started blowing about 3 hours later…I doubted he would put two and two together until he opened the box this morning – and then only if he had it sitting a particular way or place in the cupboard where he might notice something amiss…and if he noticed the fiber explosions…he didn't say anything…probably thought I swallowed to much air while bitching.

It's Friday for most people…it's a little gloomy here a few spits of rain…but what else is new

until next time….

9 thoughts on “Woops

  1. Woops

    This is one of the funniest postings from you I have ever read. We eat so little fiber that when we eat oatmeal or vegetables with fiber that we are glad we have two bathrooms.


  2. Gloomy there means we’ll be getting that. NO! I don’t want anything but sunshine and nice temps!

    Wheat based cereals are killers for me. I almost exclusively eat Cheerios with almond milk. Yummy!

    I’m still trying to figure this stuff out but I am liking it.


  3. It’s Friday here, beautiful day. Sleepy Tracy.
    What kind of cereal do you eat?
    Perhaps you should buy two boxes of cereal and keep one at work and one at home?


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