She totally reminds me of my mother…I’ve been

She totally reminds me of my mother…I’ve been trying to figure it out…why my throttle seems to be erratic.  Talk, talk, talk, talk…minimum self responsibility/maximum victim.

Who knew finding a new blog home could cause such an upheaval of’s not that I don’t have other things to think about and worry about..but this finding a new home has become a compulsion…even though MB/EmmyBee/Skanickadee has wisely reminded me that a decision doesn’t have to be made right away.

My feelings:  unsettled, irritable, not in control, angry

4 thoughts on “She totally reminds me of my mother…I’ve been

  1. My feelings are your feelings, sympatico baby.


  2. Nina, you are a strong and powerful woman. You make all of us feel like we should be better people and somehow just by being around you we are.
    I will never forget how surprised I was to find out that you were not all knowing and all in control because the vibe you give off is so amazingly calm and wonderful.
    Whither thou bloggest, I will follow.


  3. We should both find a good meditation app on our iPads and both use it when we feel like this.


  4. I wish you were closer. I’d say let’s go out and have some fun and think about how lucky we are that we found each other and the O’Bryan sisters. mb


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