Birthdays changed for me after my mom and Aunt Frances died (2009).  When you are an only child, no one remembers the event of your birth once those who were around at the time of your birth have passed on.  In my particular situation, this does not take anything away from my cousin John Green because as the story goes, when I was first introduced to him, he danced around and said he wasn’t going to look at Ninna until he could look at her good.  

But, those who witnesses, so to speak, my momentous birth are gone now….and it feels different…that…and mom, dad and Aunt Frances did not miss celebrating everyone’s birthday….if not on the actual day, then at least on the next weekend.  I miss that too…some times it would rather annoy me…but be careful what you wish for.

He has given me a week of birthday celebration.  i love him dearly!

Until next time when I will be firmly 57…..on my way to 58 *forearm on forehead.

3 thoughts on “Birthdays

  1. What a great way to celebrate! Love it!I will reach 58 sooner than you; only a little over a month to go. It’s weird, right?Hope it was happiness!


  2. Happy day after your birthday Nina. I am so glad you guys are out adventuring.


  3. What? You told me you were 37, wait that can’t be right I’ve known you over 37years.  Glad you had a happy Birthday. Love you


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