During the Algebra year of math, I had a teacher named Mr Gritton…he was a crazy perverted bastard.  He threw kids against the wall, dumped them in trash cans, picked pencils off the floor in order to look up girl’s skirts…on my Facebook friend’s page for junior high and high school, there are still kids talking about how horrible he was..and the worst part…I couldn’t get algebra because he was such a horrible teacher.  I will never forgive him and I’m sure there are a lot of people who feel the same as I do.  I hope he is burning and spinning as we speak!

Belle E Button is finally making her way out of the basement on her own.  She comes up and sits by the basement door in the kitchen and hisses…she’s eating big kitty food with her brothers …. she continues to hiss but they look at her like I look at people who have a perpetual bad attitude.  She’s cuddling with us on the davenport while we watch TV.  I’m lovin’ it.

I’m seeing all of these pictures of friends and family in Hawaii, Cancun and Florida.  It is killing me.  I’m trying to build up some time off for Baby Callaghan but everyday, I check flights and hotel rates and decide to make a decision tomorrow.  That may get me thru but I sincerely doubt it.  He is not any help at all…when I bring up a destination, he always says…well, you know I”m game.

It’s time to work…it’s a cold, windy Saturday…hopefully it will keep everyone in bed and away from their phones!!!!!!!

Until next time….

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  1. My algebra teacher was nice, but I had another math teacher who was kind of like yours ( except for the perverted part). He scared me to death! So if course I had him for home room AND math class that year. He delighted in finding guys roaming the hallways and would race after them and whack them if he thought they were up to no good. And beware any long-haired guys in the classroom; he made their lives miserable!


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