Amalfi City/Amalfi Coast

There is a difference.  Actually the Amalfi Coast was named after Amalfi but that is as far as my valuable information goes…I remember reading about it in my Rick Steeves tour book – which is an excellent tour book, I might add.  It is recommended that a tourist view the Amalfi Coast by Ferry and by one of the flipped out, crazy tour buses on land – actually almost in air, but on land.  It’s true.  Once I saw the coast from the ferry while on the way to Capri, I didn’t know why I would want to do it by land – what more could I see?  Oh my goodness….

This is actually Solerno…I had seen this bridge from afar..but this image was so worth it.

Yes…very narrow road..especially when you consider we were on a huge bus.  Several times along the way, one vehicle would have to stop to let the other one pass…all the while, immediately speeding up to roll-down-the-side-of-the-mountain-and-burst-into-flames speed.


All the while we are flying around the mountain roads, there are bicycles, scooters, runners and people walking…this is the place to go if you have a death wish.  I’m absolutely not sure how people survive – but apparently they do.

We stopped in Amalfi…a “real” tourist trap…doesn’t take long to tire of the souvenirs and the people…tour buses in and out all day.  Some would say much like Capri – but much, much smaller, so it is not really possible to get away from it.

A catherdal – we walked up all of those steps to find out it cost money to go thru it…not worth it to us.

A few other spots I thought deserved a memory picture.

If I had it to do over, I would still take the bus tour along the coast and wouldn’t get out of the bus in Amalfi…there was another stop up in Sorrento which we heard was larger and quite beautiful.  Here we all are on the bus back.

2 thoughts on “Amalfi City/Amalfi Coast

  1. Thanks for going to Italy! I can’t see ever getting there. It is nice to see it through your pictures. It tugs at my heart strings and calls out to me. What a great adventure!


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