The Isle of Capri

KAW pri….it’s a tourist destination but it is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been.  We ferried over to the Island from Salerno.  The ferry floats along the Amalfi Coast which provides amazing panoramic views of small villages tucked back into the hills.  It is breath-taking-ly beautiful.  Christa and Lee  made acquaintenance with Cindy and Bingo from the Philippines – they were staying in Amalfi and were doing a long European holiday so we got a lot of travel pointers from tourists who had already been there.

Once we arrived on the island, the world was our oyster.  Christa, Lee and Lys decided to take a 4 hour tour in an open air taxi.  We opted to do it on a scooter.  It was so fun.

Yes.  cactus.  Not unusual there.

The water was clear!

Looking down on the road we had just traveled!

Capri from the ferry


I would go back in a heartbeat!!!

2 thoughts on “The Isle of Capri

  1. Wow…can you imagine living there? Seeing such clear water is so amazing…


  2. I have always wanted to go here. Your pictures do not make that any less of a want. Absolutely beautiful. I think you went the right route with a scooter. Maybe I will learn how to ride one just in case. I am so glad you guys are taking these opportunities to see the world and enjoy it. 


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