On our way to Rome


It didn’t start out well. He and I had decided to drive to Chicago instead of flying out of Des Moines. Mainly to save money on flights and on my psych meds…as an afterthought, we found airline tickets for less than it would cost us to drive, park and stay overnight. Trust me, it was not the right decision.

We are such obedient flyers..we had never parked in the long term parking at Des Moines airport. We left home extra early in case we had to wait for the shuttle. Ahem 2:30 am. Well…you don’t have to wait..as soon as the ticket gates a opens for a car to drive thru, the shuttle is dispatched to pick you up. THE best thing about DMIA. Arriving ahead of the desk staff at the The United counter and the Tsa nazis, we waited. We approached the kiosk to check in and were greeted by the airline employee who had just hurt her hand pulling out the official airport cattle gate…He said…great she’s going to be already pissed off. After telling me non verbally what an idiot I am for having two different confirmation numbers, she sent us to the desk to have them coordinated..ya …right…the only thing coordinates was their official outfits. We stood in line for 1 hour 10 minutes while they attempted to consolidate Our tickets and Print us luggage tags. She was on the phone for 1 hour of that time with “customer service” AND THEY NEVER FIGURED. IT OUT. Around 5:15, I suggested we just pick up our bags in Chicago and go thru the check In there…WHAT A GOOD IDEA. We scurried up to security…made it thru with flying colors and arrived at the gate as the plane was loading.

KCCI’s Kevin Cooney, Steve Karlin and a photographer sat behind me on the plane.
A plane which was not packed to the gills. I got about 20 minutes of sleep even with Steve Karlin chatting behind me about network anchors,a bike trails, bikes and baseball.

Arriving at O’Hare we waited maybe 10 minutes for our luggage … Upstairs to check in…awesome TSA agents and overpriced brunch at an airport restaurant. He is now dozing beside me…I have to be villigent so his head doesn’t fly off his neck as he nods off….

The adventure begins!

One thought on “On our way to Rome

  1. I think I ran into that same TSA agent last time I flew out of DSM. She was not pleasant.


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