56….closer to 60 than 50….. What this means to me is I cannot waste another minute of this life on the past…

On a disturbing note, I just read that my ortho doc, whom is not in Newton anymore, is going before the disciplinary board because of sexual misconduct with 4 women….my first thought was….I was his patient during that time and he didn’t make any inappropriate moves on me….HEY…nothing like a self esteem UNboost….sorry to anyone who may be a victim of a perverted doctor, but who are these doctors…they are supposed to be professionals for crying out loud. They have prepared for this career for years. Why would they throw it all away for copping a feel. This doc had a great bedside manner (she said tongue-in-cheek) and was very nice looking. WTH?

We are going to go swimming in the hotel pool. Don’t think he is over excited about it but he said he would go down there with me. We are shopping with Jenny this afternoon then who knows. Told them I want Chicago style pizza for my birthday supper, but no one wants to drive to Chicago….ya, I know…a corner Brown joke BOO

Until next time……..

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  1. I certainly know how you are feeling, I can add another year on top of that in another 6 weeks or so! Happy birthday anyway!(The sad part is, these days I have to do math in my head just to get the right number, and it is ALWAYS a shock to me!). πŸ™‚


  2. @Ghog – I love Felix and Oscars…obviously you like it too…our next date?  Do you remember youth group trips at the one at merle hay


  3. Almost forgot…Chicago style pizza…go to Felix and Oscar’s in Des Moines….closer than Chicago by 4.5 hrs


  4. So he didn’t want to play doctor with you…probably because he knew you worked for local government in the law enforcement community??? Otherwise I just know that he would have wanted to….whatever,,,so don’t feel bad.HB BTW…If the average age is 72, then we passed it at 36…definitely worth contemplation…if there’s time….HAHAHAhAHA


  5. My wonderful fabulous Nina! I hope you have a spectacular birthday and are surrounded by people who love you and who you love!


  6. Nina – to me you’re ageless! They are only numbers and you are fabulous no matter what!


  7. Hahaha, don’t let that dumb dr get you down, you still got it!! I am going through some of the same things, being closer to 40 than 30. I went through a terrible pain turning 30, I don’t know why we let that number bother us, but we do. And just so you know, partying with the 50’s crowd is much wilder and more fun than the 20’s crowd! 


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