Ecuador vignette dos


The pictures are beautiful – but you can’t capture the beauty and the feel for this wonderful place in a picture.  There are many of these paths and they all lead to private rustic lodging/cabins.  I posted the link to the resort in case you want to go in and browse around.  For starters.  We (4 of us) rented the Butterfly room – or Mariposa room.  Queen and single downstairs and larger than double upstairs in a loft:

This is the view I woke up to every morning

The deck with two hammocks.  I slept in a hammock my first night…

We ate every meal on the bamboom and thatched roof veranda – excellent food.  I mean homemade excellent food…fruits, italian, sea food, delicious desserts, 1/2 liter Pilsner beer for $1.70 on and on

There are other pictures of the veranda and dining room but it is taking a long time to download.
Prices were unbelievable.  4 of us in the butterfly suite eating every meal on site plus desserts and a few drinks – $1200 for 6 days – $600 per couple..Because of the season, we did have a few mosquitos but bug spray WOULD have kept them away.   It was suggested that we return in May, June or July – no bugs and nicer temps.  The times we spent in our cabana on the beach was beautiful – wonderful breeze off of the pacific, but there was no air in the room – I was comfortable with a fan on me but I have to admit – was a little uncomfortable before we figured that out.

We flew into Quito – the Ecuador capital.  Then flew to Purto Lopez on Aero Gal airlines.  It was raining when we arrived – they handed us umbrellas as we disembarked and walked across the tarmac to the airport building.

More on the adventure next time!!

6 thoughts on “Ecuador vignette dos

  1. @PrimevalWench – it was very wonderful..we were gone 12 days so I was anxious to get back home…but today…I wish I was there


  2. Oh my gosh !!  How gorgeous !!  Was it tough to come back to reality ?


  3. @tracy – actually – you might want to check destination Manta rather than Quito – American may fly into there – or one of the other national airlines…


  4. Just beautiful!  I am so happy everything worked out so well for you!  It sounds like a divine vacation.  


  5. @tracy – April is good…that is when the season change…they told me May is the best, June is good, July is very, very busy.  Good meaning – less humidity and very few bugs.  Seriously….I bought our tickets to Quito on Christmas day – they were $1000/per round trip on American – it would be different for you because we had to fly to Chicago then Miami then Quito.  You could immediately transfer to AeroGal or the other (can’t think of it right now) for the trip to Manta…that was $125 round trip – they owners will send a cab for you – she told me a van cab would be $80…a regular cab much less.  We rented a car at Manta and drove down the coast – it is very beautiful and worth a few wrong turns but when we go back – probably not going to rent a car.  Once you get there, it just sits.  The village of Purto Lopez is adjacent to the Mandala very easy walking distance.  We didn’t actually walk down there but many people do.  Check out the website.  I would go in a heart beat…


  6. I want to go, I want to go, I want to go, I want to go, I want to go, I want to go!!!!! Picture foot stamping now.It is exactly the kind of vacation I want to go on. I am so envious I could just fly down there and pinch you. I wonder what the temps would be like in April which is when my next vacation is scheduled.More pictures please.


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