I want to speak a moment about peace of mind…for me, it doesn’t seem to be my favorite song playing in my head, floating on air or singing kumbaya…it’s more a “piece” of mind that is no longer ransacked with fear….during one of my quiet times, I was thinking about how I actually think I used to have pressure in my head..oh it was all in my mind..but I constantly had pressure..constantly was consumed with fear..fear of the unknown, first it was fear that my parents were going to die, then it was fear that my life was about to be controlled, fear that I was going to have to do something else I didn’t want to do, fear that I wouldn’t be able to carry out plans because someone would be requiring me to do something for them, fear of the unknown is probably the best way to describe it…using an old analogy..waiting for the other shoe to drop….I knew I was under pressure but I didn’t realize how much pressure until it was gone…gone like being in a room with really loud music and then the music stops….the quiet is deafening and you wonder if something is wrong and then you realize that it is nothing…absolutely nothing…this is the very first time in my life I feel totally free…I’m seriously going to have to adjust to it…I’m totally free…I’m totally free….

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  1. So the wicked witches are dead and the Wizard has sent you back to Kansas? Is that what you’re thinking Dorothy?Freedom has always had responsibilities and they will continue press. It will just come from different quarters now. They may seem more enjoyable than your recent responsibilities to your mother and aunt, but they will press you nevertheless. I had a premonition that you would soon be Grandma Ninasusan…this will weigh on you quite heavily. It will be your next growth test. HAHAHAHAHAHAAHA


  2. I know what you mean about the fear of not being able to carry out your own plans because someone would be requireing you to do do something for them…..for me its my sister…it makes me feel selfishFREE AT LAST FREE AT LAST THANK GD ALMIGHTY YOUR FREE AT LAST!!!!!


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