I’m feeling out of the loop…I haven’t read anyone’s blog for several days. 

We drove up to Rochester, MN yesterday, set up the camper and crashed…I think it was more mental exhaustion than physical…This morning, he had a 10am appointment with a blood sugar counselor … she talked to him about his out-of-whack blood sugars and how to do the testing and finger pricks…then the endocrinologist where we learned he actually has a tumor on each adrenal gland.  One is large, one is small.  He thinks at least one of these tumors is releasing excess adolsterone which is causing his blood pressure issues with his need for megadose potassium and his holding onto sodium.  He said that we would assume the large tumor is causing the problem but not necessarily…he has a couple of blood tests and another urine test but for the next 3 days, he has to eat mega salt in his meals…somehow this all works out to tell them something about the problem?  Then they are going to have to do a test where they put a catheter up thru his groin and into his renal arteries to try to determine which or both tumors need to come out…this test is only done by certain specialists so it will be up to 3 weeks before it can be done, thus another trip up here…then the actual surgery, then they will worry about his colitis.  They would like to do both surgeries at the same time but this might not be possible…one day at a time.  We also met with a dietician…guess what…..we don’t eat right.

2 1/2 inches of rain up here today…we spent most of the day inside the huge clinic so didn’t realize the amount of rain.  My bed had a couple of wet spots where the rain obviously blew in…naturally it was my bed.

Deb and Karen sent a treat bag with us…that was so fun…lots of treats, scrapbooking activities, journals…did I mention the food.  What a hoot.

We’ve survived a few stressful weeks, but our friends have been there loving us and supporting us all of the way.  We consider ourselves very, very lucky.

Until next time…..

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  1. Glad that you’re at least in a good hospital.    Sounds stressful and busy but like you’re handling it well.  It’s good to get to the “known”.  Take Care!!!


  2. Nina, I had no idea Phil had so much to deal.  I’ve always heard such good things about Mayo.  My brother was diagnosed with a big deal blood disease here at home.  He went to Mayo and found out he didn’t have the big deal disease.  So I have good feelings about Mayo.Well you and Phil are in my thoughts and prayers.  What a lot to go through!  Love and hugs!


  3. Thinking about you guys hang in there..keep your head up


  4. I’ll give you an update on my blog right now so you don’t have to worry. Blah,Blah, I ate, Yada Yada, worked out, Yada Yada, worked, Yada Yada. Slept.It’s nice that all these people are in the same place so you can get all the info.  I’ve never heard of adolsterone but I really want to pronounce it adultsterone.  Like some sort of really old testosterone.I had the renal catheterization done last year.  The hospital was under construction so they did it in the pediatric operating room.  There was Winnie the Pooh everywhere.  Tell him not to worry about that one.  I’m glad you have a surprise bag!  Unexpected smiles are the best kind.  I’m sorry you had a wet bed.  If you keep telling people the rain gets just your bed wet, eventually people are going to start asking questions.When you come to Toledo, bring Peach Fresca..


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