Helen has taken a turn for the worse?

I’m up for a few minutes this morning…actually got out of bed because my throat is tender and I wanted to take a pm med so I can sleep…my days off have been sleep deprived….I’ve slept during every time period over the 3 days but can only sleep for 5 or 6 hours…not like me.

I got to bed about 0400 this morning…that is after being up for approximately 24 hours.  Jenny, Nikki and Kim came over thursday night for a girls night so I knew I would be okay because I had their visit to look forward to…about 10 minutes after they left, I got a call from Lutheran Hospital telling me that Helen had taken a turn for the worse..she has a kidney infection which they were treating..but she was complaining about shortness of breath, her temp was high and she wasn’t responding to them…the nurse thought I ought to come..so I called Jenny to see if she would go with me.  Upon arrival, the nurse indicated that they just brought her back to the room from a CT to see if there was a clot on her lung and they had taken some blood to determine if she had a blood infection…but good news her fever was going down…soon after we got there, she reported the good news that her lungs were clear…Jenny and I took our spots beside the bed and started talking to her when she woke up.  The first thing said was – Hi Grandma, it’s Jenny…she turned her head..the nurse came in to ask her some questions and she was slow to answer but answered…the next few minutes involved me talking to her asking if her legs were uncomfortable because she was moving them around…she gave me a nasty look and said WHAT DO YOU THINK…then would stare off at the blank TV…Mom, are you having trouble breathing…NASTY LOOK WHAT DO YOU THINK.  This continued for quite some time.  Jenny and I had no idea what was going on…her IV alarm went off when she bent her arms and she immediately straightened them so we knew someone was in there so to speak…then she asked me in her mad, haughty voice how I could have done it…how could I have ordered that test without asking her…WHAT THE HELL IS SHE TALKING ABOUT…then we figured out she thought I had ordered the CT test on her…she was MAD…Jenny spent time trying to explain that she was unresponsive and the hospital had orders from a doctor to do what they had to do to find out what was wrong.  She continued to be argumentative until I thought I would blow and say something I would regret unless I got out of the room… Jenny continued to patiently explain logic to her for several more minutes..I assume she understood and knew that the horrible daughter, whom she couldn’t decide if she wanted me to know that she was in the hospital this time, didn’t do anything TO her other than come from 40 miles away in the middle of the night when called so she wouldn’t be alone on the death bed…I would think that should count for something.

Until next time….

3 thoughts on “Helen has taken a turn for the worse?

  1. Being 70, I think a lot about how it will be with me and my daughter when I am in that vulnerable place of illness and dying.  I cannot promise I will be a saint when the time comes, but I hope she will love me anyway.


  2. It’s horrible when parents have aging and health problems.  I’m glad your daughter is there to help you.  Kathi


  3. Sounds awful.  It is nice that Jenny will go with you and help out.


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