First – the correction – in an earlier post I wrote back in the or to the future…Ghog caught it and brought it to my attention….I standed corrected…Thank you ghog…good thing I don’t relive anything because I would hit you back in the car when we were on our way to Cincinnati….YES YOU DID>

Helen looks horrible…she is so skinny and frail…she looks like she has actually lost some weight since I saw her last.  I was summoned twice…the first time her knee had given out on her and she hit her head on the counter just before she caught herself.  She was obviously shaken up about it…then the second time had to do with physical personal issues…she cries nearly all of the time and appears to be on the fast lane to dementia.  I felt sorry for her.  I just keep thinking she is going to figure it out and tell me that she needs to go somewhere for help…but it hasn’t happened yet.  He and I are going to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN next week so she will be all alone and now that she has told Aunt Frances that she won’t be back there, she is either going to have to go it alone or make amends with her sister.  I have no idea which way it will go…

Today is Jenny’s 28th birthday.  There is news in her life but I”ll hold it for a later blog…. I was 28 when I took this job at 911.

Have you all seen the JK wedding entrance video featuring Chris Brown’s “Forever”?  It is awesome..I’ve watched it several times…now that must have been a fun wedding 🙂

Jane went to the ER tonight with pain in her back that was radiating to her front.  She’s okay..they decided it was some muscle pain after a CT…I think all of the medical information we receive thru the media is very important but I wonder sometimes if there isn’t too much information that scares us.  I went to the ER one time when I had some mild chest pain..I had to spend the night in the hospital and do an echo/treadmill test and nothing could be found wrong with my heart.  That was good…but chances are if I hadn’t immediately thought female heart attack at my age, I might have just suffered thru it and been fine…then again…you never know…

He started working on my new bunk in the trailer today.  We are talking about taking it to Rochester instead of staying in a motel room to save $$$.  We are going to have to spend quite a bit of money boarding the hounds so anywhere we can save will be good.  I thought about seeing if msmandylee would take care of Marley – board devil dog and take Sierra..that would work if we took the camper??  We’ll see.

Have you heard the new Dave Matthews song, Funny the Way it Is?  What an awesome song about life.

Until next time…..

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  1. That’s smart about staying in the camper instead of a hotel.  It’s a shame you don’t have a nice person who can come house & dog-sit.  I use to do that a lot when I was a late teenager. Have a good day Nina-Nina!


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