It’s Friday…it really is…I’m going to have a good paycheck this time…Now that it is over, it was worth it.

Meeting Jeff and Debbie in Pleasant Hill for dinner tonight….don’t know what we will do after dinner…I’m going to take my scrapbooking stuff just in case.

I’m off to bed to start a new book…finished My Sister’s Keeper yesterday morning…..memorable!!

Gray and Cloudy this morning…I understand the sun is shining on the east coast…Lucky Deb….


Until next time…

5 thoughts on “

  1. The sun is shining here and it is hot.  Have a good week end.


  2. I bet you will enjoy these days off.  Have fun at dinner.  Don’t dribble anything on your scrapbooks.


  3. Have a good sleep today!  Enjoy your dinner out!


  4. That book must be good – I’ve had lots of people ask for it!Have fun disposing of the good paycheck!  : )


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