Finally, FINALLY days off

I’m just giddy…I’m 55 minutes away from 3 days off…it was a typical Thursday night in Jasper County…dispatch got hammered with calls…hammered, haha…I got to work with a lot of my favorite people tonight which made it more pleasant…Rod..if you are reading this…please don’t think I was referring to you, you mud monster…

Scrapbooking today with Debbie and Karen…Saturday will be my day to get caught up on everything…Sunday I will probably do lunch with Helen and then off to Stuart, Iowa for Ryan’s first race….

Think I screwed up this week by not looking for mushrooms…seems they are very plentiful…if I go with this positive attitude, I will probably find some on Saturday;.  One year, I picked 2 five gallon buckets full….

Elizabeth Edwards on Oprah Thursday…if you get a chance, watch the show…she is a remarkable woman…she has a wonderful way of looking at life, life with cancer and life with that unfaithful husband of hers…Her book, Resiliance,  is out and I plan to get it… Judging from the close-up of the John’s face, I think Oprah may have made him very nervous…


I love this picture of Frannie and Baxter playing…it started out nice like this…this cat and this dog have so much fun together…Baxter started it this time…usually Frannie walks by him and knocks him down with her foot and the play is on.

Until next time……

::Edit:: I’m horrified that my kitchen floor looks so dirty!!!!

3 thoughts on “Finally, FINALLY days off

  1. That picture is adorable. 🙂  Enjoy your days off!


  2. Kitchen floors are NEVER clean with pets in the house.  EVER!  That’s a dream world   they look fine!


  3. It looks like Baxter is cleaning her! HAHAHA!!!!!Have a great weekend and a HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!!!!!!


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