The F words

I don’t presume that you guys have total memory recall of my past blogs, but I want to preface this short little rant with the memory of a blog where I said I despise the word fart…that I am actually less offended when someone uses that other F word than when someone has fart rolling from their tongue or other oriface……

But I don’t really LIKE the other F word either.  That’s not to say it hasn’t slipped from my lips a time or two or at least the I”m-totally-disgusted-WTF…in fact, an adored deputy uses the word frequently and I think it is just a word that he has picked up and has no idea how much he uses it.  I hardly even notice unless he is really on a role…that brings me to these adult wanna-be kids who probably grew up with the F word being the word of the day at their house.  You know what I mean…it’s not unusual to hear the F word screamed out in public by wet behind the ears kids…I always think it is their attempt at rebelling…then there are those that just show bad breeding by their use of it.  Case in point…burglary at a convenience store tonight – I had to call the half-pint little keyholder to tell her about the burglary and let her know we needed a keyholder…OH F word…not OH F word because she is mad that the store had been burglarized more like OH f word instead of Oh kay…I immediately bristled and wanted to tell her to grow up but of course I didn’t.  Now, don’t misunderstand, if I don’t hear the F-word used several times a night (to refer to me the f-in biotch that they need to vent to or the f-in cop or f-in life), I would wonder what is wrong…but just as a vocabulary word and disrespecting your mama or someone old enough to be your mama or disrespecting authority or just the disrespect on the phone to someone she doesn’t know just made me burn.

But this little irritation, too, shall pass….onward and upward….

Until next time…..

2 thoughts on “The F words

  1. The deputy is Marc isn’t it!!! HAHAHA….yes…he does say the f word a lot… he does not even know that he is saying it….just like a certain dispatcher the does the other f word all the time and has no idea he is doing it. HEHEHEHEMaybe this key holder uses the f wors while on the phone to feel important….mmmmmm or it is just another word that gets used like we say “the” say say “Frick”…only its not frick…..


  2. I think you are so right about people using it as “just another word” – it’s so sad.


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