Wednesday, February 18

I think Minnie is finding her way around…she’s more of a scaredy cat than any of the other ones…it could be because Baxter follows her around and grunts…similar to a dump truck following your VW honking…by the way, here is a pic of the big lug in his new sleeping place…this makes no sense to me but it must be comfortable to him???


Benny followed her around yesterday and was actually trying to groom her pretty early on…probably trying to get the ARL smell out of her.  Here’s Benny’s sleeping place…he now naps during the day with his new best friend


“His” bro came for supper last night…he has been all over…most recently spent a month or so in Albania…I asked the same question…I think he was just curious…when he was in the air force, he monitored Albanian radios and knows the language…he is something of a foreign traveler and seems to have an incredible wonderlust…

Sierra goes for a tooth cleaning today and I have to take her in… 😦  mama hates to take mama’s girl anyplace and have to leave her.

I worked on the basement yesterday…maybe I should take a picture …. just a sec…His 11th love after me, the girls, the dogs and the cats is carpentry…he always has piece of wood left over and they used to be stored here


under these shelves…well, I thought I would organize so I could put some other things under the shelves like the litter boxes I cleaned the stuff out…by the way most of the boxes on those shelves have nothing in them..I’ve been saving them for when I do ebay….

I also cleaned out from under the stairs a multitude of stuff…like several dozen canning jars…all of my Painting stuff and all of the houseplant containers I’ve collected over the last 25 years..


I decided we were going to stack all of his wood here and still have a little room left over for some of his other stuff…but this is the other side of the basement and all of the stuff…I’m very overwhelmed


So…you see what I’m going to be doing this morning…..

Until next time or better said, if I get out of there alive……

5 thoughts on “Wednesday, February 18

  1. What wonderful fluffy kitties!!!Hope the wood project went ok and you made it out alive!!!I love sorting things out…xoxo, QE


  2. Good luck!  I keep looking at my basement know that when I tear into it, egad! it will be worse before it’s better.  BLAH!  Love the kitty pics! 


  3. Oh!  That looks like quite the project. Good luck.I love the kitty pictures.


  4. OK Nina… you have another kitty at home?????


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