My day off.  I went to bed around 5am after getting off at 0200…I slept until about 7 and couldn’t go back to sleep.  I was meeting Ryan and Jenny and Kimba and her family at Uncle Nancy’s for coffee because I wanted to see her granddaughter, Olivia…the O-train…that is not to say I wasn’t happy to see everyone else.  When I got home, I thought I was going to die…how did I ever function on no sleep when I was younger…consequently I slept on the couch off and on all afternoon and evening.  I’m wide awake now and you guys are all sleeping 🙂

I did get caught up on some xanga blogs and am actually still grinning from some of them…

It snowed most of the day today…not much accumulation…I am so thankful I am not working – sorry msmandylee.

Tomorrow is my last day for fantasy football because my record is 4-8…one of the guys renamed his team “beat by a girl” because I beat him last week…I got lucky, believe me.  Still love playing…its the planning and the smack talk that I really love…

I’m going to watch things I have recorded and off and on vacuum before I go to bed tonight…actually I’m going to vacuum because I can’t stand the critter hair…I have been very lazy with housework this that I’m back on a regular schedule, I will try to do better 🙂

Until next time….

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  1. We have just the one cat and when it is shedding season I could build several cats from what she sheds.  Right now isn’t too bad with her shedding.Really I don’t know how you work that shift and function at all.  Thank goodness for people like you who are willing to do it but man I could never do that.Hope you are having a good one!


  2. The hair is just never ending……………..


  3. I feel engulfed with critter hair…ugh


  4. I love your back round! Snow: 292 hit a bridge….pd only…… he went in the ditch last year in his pov….note to self…never ride with 292


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