Random thoughts worth mentioning

Mother is fine.  She wanted to dialogue with me about what happened this morning.  I decided to treat her as a small child and not give her any attention for her bad behavior…I had to go over to deliver mail and take a package inside for them…she followed me around asking me inane questions about it..figure she will probably use it to get to go to the doc…”he” and I both told her that Aunt Frances did the right thing calling an amb because she wasn’t responding…she remembers being nasty to the amb crew…I think she wanted me to tell her it was okay.  It was not okay…I just told her that nothing could be done about it now and I had to go eat supper.  Let her dwell in her own mess…I’m not playing the game.

Gas was 1.99 a gallon in Lebanon, Missouri and seemed to get higher the further north we traveled…I think it is $2.29 here and that really irritates me.

The Lt’s came over for coffee tonight and brought circus peanuts.  Do you know how much I love circus peanuts…I remember when I was young, I ate so many that I up-chucked them….when I mentioned it to them, they were more than willing to sit around and watch me eat them – they were hard up for entertainment….

I seem to have been taken over by I don’t give a shit-itis.  Things that used to be very important to me are not important anymore…I want to stay home…I want to work on projects…I don’t need drama…I have no desire to “get ahead” at work…I don’t want to spend time with people I don’t have real affection for..I do not want to play games and force myself to be phoney so as not to hurt someone’s feelings.  If I don’t want to do it – I’m not going to do it…If I want to do it – I will do it.  Is this an age thing? …. or have I just finally figured it out?  I’m going to commence being true to myself…

Until next time…..

2 thoughts on “Random thoughts worth mentioning

  1. You have figured it out is all.  Be who you are and the rest falls into place.  I LOVE CIRCUS PEANUTS!  There’s one store we go to regularly when I visit my mom and there there are – right at the check out – so of course I buy them and eat almost the entire bag.  BLECK!  I can’t deny myself a good bag of circus peanuts given the chance! hahahahahaha


  2. With age I have came to the same conclusions I don’t have to Impress NO ONE


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