Mud…..lots of mud

Pre-surgery appointment this morning – My dignity has been totally stripped, I had to be weighed and repeat my weight all in one day…blood drawn, pre-surgery consultation at the OR.  I’ve never had to go thru all of this before prior to surgery…then they tell me the doc has ordered only a spinal and some drugs to make me sleepy…hmmmm.  If my knee wasn’t as screwed up as it is, I might even back out of this but I can’t imagine living the rest of my life with the ache and the damn knee not working….Even the doc patted my shoulder today and said we’ll get this done so you can get back to living……

Drugtown which is affiliated with the Hyvee chain of grocery stores in Iowa (actually it is now called Hyvee Drugstore) is closing their pharmacy store and moving the pharmacy part to the new pharmacy at the new Hyvee.  O that was clear, Edith….anyway…the store is chocked full of all kinds of stuff – well, liquor for one but also candles and figurines and all kinds of girl-stuff.  I always like to shop there around the holidays because they have wonderful decorations/gifts.  I’ll miss it when Christmas rolls around.  Today all of the candles and house decorations and all Hallmark stuff was 50% off.  I spent $156 and saved $154.  I got so many deals it made me giddy…like Happy Birthday and other decorative napkins.  I got my perfume – Lovely – the Sarah Jessica Parker perfume for 50% off – I actually bought a $60 and a $35 bottle each 1/2 off that price.  Wow was it fun.

Now to the mud…I cleaned the carpet in the computer room tonight…probably the first time since Kate graduated in 2005…the bottom of the reservoir was thick with mud.  Yes…I understand the mud was made by mixing water with dirt but holy hoover, batman….THAT MUCH DIRT?   

I’m staying up tonight because I have to go back to work tomorrow night – ya…back on a Friday night after 12 days off – I’ll either be cool as a cucumber or totally bonkers dealing with the Friday night freaks.  There is a race this weekend at the Iowa Speedway also…hopefully all will be pretty much cleaned up by the time I get to work…

Well, I have today’s episode of Young and Restless to watch and an old recorded episode of Dog the Bounty Hunter…

So, until next time……

4 thoughts on “Mud…..lots of mud

  1. @Kissedbyadog – do you like your dyson??? I’ve been pondering whether it would be worth it – dirt for $$$


  2. Yuck pre surgery.  When we first got our Dyson Vac many moons ago, I vac’d the house 3 times and got several cannisters of dirt and hair.  OMG!  Amazing what lives in the carpets!


  3. Hope the surgery will do the trick for you.  Pre-surgery stuff sounds absolutely miserable.Yay for the bargains!


  4. It makes me sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo mad that they are closing Hy vee Drug Store! I need to get my but there and get some stuff before it is gone…..Stupid people…whose idea was it anyway! If you get bored and lonely trying to stay up you can always come and visit me in hell…..I mean work


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