Country living and the Iowa State Fair

This is what a 3,012 bull at the Iowa State Fair looks like….

Big cow

U gotta love it!!

Mom called this morning to say she thought she needed to go to the ER because she thought she had pneumonia…..

She has pneumonia..she’s in the hospital…

Having cook-out tomorrow night for Aunt Frances, Jenny and “his” birthday.  I just pulled pumpkin bars out of the oven…Aunt Frances will be mad that there isn’t a birthday cake…

He’s been cleaning up the yard today – we tried to sit out around a fire tonight – it felt really good – the evening cooled off…I had just mentioned something about it being nice and quiet here in the country other than the frogs, locusts and birds when the neighbor’s kid started up the 4 wheeler – obviously dad told him to run it in low gear..just didn’t mention how fast he should be going in low gear…then when that stopped the dogs started in…first the neighbors about a mile to the east…then the neighbor closest to us – his coon hound went off – then mine started barking then up the road to the north started barking…I said screw it…I’ve got enough baking to do in the house.  I’m feeling a little irritable…decided to visit some xanga friends..that was fun..feeling a little better.

Weather is supposed to be glorious here tomorrow – I wish the same for all of you!

Until next time….

9 thoughts on “Country living and the Iowa State Fair

  1. That is one freaking big bull!


  2. I’msorry about your mom!  Prayers!Tell that bull Jenny has a vegan option as well as the normal diet.  He should call her.  Unless,of course, the fair is only the prelude to his execution…in which case, feed him Silver Queen corn.


  3. BOY! I THOUGHT Bubba WAS big!Dogs barking have kept us up the last few nights , must be the almost full moon.


  4. Good Morning!  Hmmm, I had 12 pieces of charcoal in a grill last night, does that count as a fire outside?  Probably no.  That bull is freaky! 


  5. Oh, yes, I think Shawn Johnson is fantastic!  She is just a doll and a phenomenal gymnast!  I think there were 2 gymnasts from the Kansas City metro area in the Olympics last time.  I support all of them.  It takes so much effort to get there!  I think most of the girls this time are from the midwest, except for Alicia Sacramone.  I was surprised to hear that outside of gymnastics, Shawn Johnson is quite shy!Kathi


  6. We are having the great weather too – I wonder if that means we will get our normal August weather next month?  : )


  7. Wow.  Is he  big or big and fat too.  I live in town but am often surprised about how noisy the country can be.  But soon the locusts will drown out other sounds with their chirping…kind of nice.


  8. I wouldn’t want to have to deal with HIS BS!  LOL!  It would be quite a lot, hehe!I’m very sorry to hear your mom has pneumonia.  I hope she will have a speedy recovery.  My husband had it a number of years ago.Kathi


  9. That is one amazingly big animal!So is his birthday – your hubby’s birthday?  If so happy birthday to him!I hate when you feel like a quiet night and all the neighborhood is noisy.  I hope you found your peace and quiet!


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