Marley is in love

IMG_0399 IMG_0400 Due to my angle, these are not going to be those pictures that say it all ( although that is one nice crock hanging from my foot) …..Christa and Brett brought little Daisy to the cookout/bonfire yesterday.  Brett wanted Daisy to be subjected to the pack mentality – if you don’t know about Cesar the Dog Whisperer, you won’t understand.  Daisy handled our 3 dogs just fine…she especially handled Marley..the poor big lug followed her around and drooled.  She totallly ignored him….she’s a princess!



4 thoughts on “Marley is in love

  1. Which one is the big golden?


  2. Cute!  I haven’t seen the Dog Whisperer but we do have some pack mentality going on here at our house.


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