This is what I’m thinking tonight.

Knee hurts, right hip hurts, feeling better..have to wear brace.  Ice helps..I am not going to spend all summer like this!!!

I’m so confused in my thoughts of the democratic race for president.  I’m having a very hard time supporting Obama for many reason.  I was not convinced Hillary was the “perfect” choice either…now Obama has crossed the finish line…I guess I have no choice left…I’m not feeling particularly neighborly about it and really don’t want to talk to anyone about it and am inclined to want to bitch slap everyone who comes up to me with a nasty comment about Hillary.

He and I were finally able to sit down and watch the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy….What’s with the lack of cliff hanger?  Was the cliff hanger that the babes kissed?  I think they are making Callie look better this season now that she is not in love with George..and quite frankly, I think she is exuding sex appeal.  Let’s here it for a not perfect size zero and not a perfect face being a sex object and her obvious main arrousal right now for McSteamy!!

My friend, Jeff in the last few days has expounded on several sensitive political issues… I’ve been rather impressed that he has been on a roll….check out his blogging…you don’t have to agree – I seldom agree with him- but he makes me ponder the issues and what I think about them…

That’s it for now…will edit if I think of anything else between now and when I can break out of here at 0700.




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  1. PRESIDENT OBAMA or BUST!Actually, I think you’ll get over whatever it is that you have against Obama once you take a look at his objectives. You can compare them to HRC’s, too. They are pretty much exactly the same lists, and the same as many Democrats of the past. The only difference is that Obama can inspire millions to make changes within their communities and has attracted so many fresh, new minds to politics than anyone ever before. For the first time, I talk to a peer of mine and no matter who they are, they know who they are voting for, and they want to help their own future. Hilary was going to do democratic things and probably would have been a good president, but Obama makes me WANT to get out and serve up soup to the homeless. Those are the changes he wants us to bring to the table, while he does the hard, boring, presidential stuff, and that is how we’re going to change the country from the current path of destruction that we are currently following. 


  2. I liked all of the democrats.  (I’m not picky as long s they aren’t a republican.)  I met Obama twice and spend an hour with Michelle Obama and I like them.  They are smart and care about people.  


  3. Yeah, of those running, Hillary was my preference, too.  I have the TV on while I work (freelance at home, lol) and I just heard that the priest who said mean things and mocked Hillary a couple of weeks ago, has been placed on “leave” for a couple of weeks “to have time to reflect on his comments”.  LOL!  Kathi


  4. Oh, nice picture up there!  I’m sorry you are all sore and beat up.  Not a good way to start the summer.  I was not a Hillary supporter, but I never ever approved of the stupid ass mean comments and jokes.  What does that achieve? 


  5. I’m bordering on apathy when it comes to the presidential race this time around.  and last time, and the time before that.  it always seems to come down to the lesser of 2 evils.  the devil you know for the devil you don’t know.  I haven’t watched Greys this season.  Missed everything! Hope you’re feeling better and not so sore very quickly!


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