New Bed

He and I are thinking about coming out of the  70’s and getting a new bed.  We’ve slept on a full flotation king size waterbed our entire marriage which is approaching 29 years.  In fact…he bought this waterbed in about 1976 or 1977 🙂

Need opinions…I’ve been thinking about a sleep number bed because we like different firmness but he is thinking a memory foam…Any suggestions, ideas or opinions?


7 thoughts on “New Bed

  1. well i had a paul harvey bed and sent it back since they wanted 1500.00 for an air bed with a foam overlay on top of it. i didn’t feel it was worth that kind of money.however i laided on a sleep number, paul harvey hospital bed type at the home show resently. it was wonderful for five minutes. it was just like a recliner anything from flat to sitting and everthing you wanted in the middle. if i wanted to buy a high end bed i ‘d have to check this out.heed my warnring if you sleep  good now in your bed becareful chging. new beds sound good but i have had many awful nights on new beds and have moved to my recliner for good just can’t spent any more money on an experiment.good luckdeb


  2. I SOOOO Wish I had my 1970’s water bed back!!!!!! I know have a high end king size pillow top…and while it is comfortable…it isn’t the water bed!!!!! AND I miss it sooooo much….I have never been the same since….. =0(   ” That my story and I’m stickin to it…..officer……LOLHave ablessed day…Good luck in the decision making…..!!!!!


  3. NO NONONONONONONONO on the Sleep Number… ack ack ack… I know I’m a newbie friend but take my word for it… LOL… we bought a queen and ewwy.. it’s now in the guest bdrm to torment our visitors!!!  heeheeee  we bought one to replace it (can’t remember the name right this moment) … it’s comfy but we sooooo wish we went with a Tempurpedic… that is our next purchase!  we did go buy the memory foam mattress pad at Costco.. 2 1/2 inches… it is WONDERFUL… we have heard the foam ones sleep ‘hot’ like someone mentioned.. but we are use to it now… a friend just got one of the ‘fake’ tempurpedics and she loves it… and she’s hot flash age… no complaints so far…   I want the one that elevates at the head.. I have to sleep elevated with a bedwedge I got at BB&B… the Temp one that elevates is SPENSIVE!!!  yikes… I can dream though….  just STAY AWAY FROM THE SELECT COMFORT!!… LOL  my neph and niece bought a king one and are sorry now.. there is a gap in the middle… it dips… they bought the mem foam pad (at my urging) and are happy for the moment…. just my .02 on beds!  ROFL… now NO FLAMES from the Select Comfort lovers!


  4. I miss my waterbed!  A couple of years ago we went to a regular pillowtop.  I would think one of those memory foam beds would be the next best thing to a waterbed.   Hope you’re feeling better.


  5. Foam!  I have a “Bob-o-pedic” from Bob’s furniture (don’t know if you have them near you) but it’s awesome.  It’s the kind you can jump up and down on and not spill the wine!


  6. I’ve heard foam beds can be very (maybe too) warm.  I think sleep number beds sound very interesting.  I sleep on a regular bed so I really don’t know.  I think it is a good idea to ask around.  Do the beds have a trial period?


  7. The memory foam would e for me cause there isn’t anything o break , the # thing has to operate by something????My father always said The more simple a thing the better cause there is less that can go wrong with it????


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