I had one of those therapy dreams last night…you know the kind…you wake up and know that something is supposed to change…not one of those can’t find my high school classroom and can’t get the lock on my locker open because I’m naked from the waste up..those are my “I’m so confused while I’m awake dreams”.  This one told me to stop taking all of those classes because I’m not going to get my bachelor’s degree now…just enjoy the 6 years left before I retire and look forward to retirement and relaxing.  (by the way…I’m not taking classes in my real life to get my bachelor’s degree) but I am retiring 6 years from March 9th, 2008 with a wow, this has been a 30 year Disney World ride…  There were some other issues that I thought hmmmmm when I woke up but have no idea what they are now…perhaps my first day off is intended to be a cleansing and self-awareness day.  I AM having lunch with Karen and DebtheRN…that usually ends up being 4 hours of intense therapy as those two seem to be able to look into my soul and aren’t afraid to tell me if there are cobwebs….

The critters are all “out” all around the house..Bill Clinton is laying here curled up on his desk bed, devil dog is below him sprawled out on the floor…Sierra and Marley are crashed having their own doggy world dreams..kind of makes me wonder if they party’ed all night while I was sleeping.

Kate emailed me with her flight schedule for her trip home during spring break.  “he” will be having his foot surgery that week also…I’m thinking about doubling up his pain medication so he will be “out of it” a couple of days so she and I can watch our “artsy crap” on TV.  Just kidding, officer.

Have a great day, everybody…..

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  1. You have a pet named Bill Clinton? That’s funny! Why did you choose that name?


  2. Retiring?  What a wonderful time you’ll be able to have.  It’s nice that everyone is lying around.  It’s a shame I’m not able to “SEE” 😉


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