The humans have lost control

I can’t even get mad because she looks so cute.  We have totally lost control in the “NO DOGS ON THE FURNITURE” rule. 


Do you suppose this is how the guy with the poker playing dogs got started.  We’ll probably come home one night and they will all be sitting on the kitchen chairs around the table smoking cigarettes and playing poker….divided up into teams, Billy and Marley vs the girls, Frannie and Sierra…


3 thoughts on “The humans have lost control

  1. I love your critter pics the pups are adorable so is your cat!
    I bet your children will love their Christmas what a great gift for them a washer and dryer!
    Thanks for your support on my having the colonoscopy everthing went just fine!
    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas


  2. Dogs really know how to live in the moment and enjoy life, don’tthey?


  3. Yup, that’s exactly how it happens! Irfanview is a photo editing software. It’s freeware and I’ve just recently started using it.


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