It is good to be home

We had a nice trip out to Ohio.  We all really like Cuyahoga Falls.  Luke and Kate have a nice house on a quiet residential street…close to everything.  Luke’s mom came out from New Jersey so that was an added pleasure.  Katy came home with us – she has to work at the O.P. tomorrow and Friday night and then at the ice arena to sell tickets for the blackhawk’s game….then she’ll be coming to Newton for Christmas.  It was fun spending time with her even if it was the confines of a pickup truck 🙂

Catching up on email – must have been tiring at the Critter Sitter because the dogs are sacked out.  Bill Clinton has been laying on my desk and walking back and forth purring.

Until next time…..

One thought on “It is good to be home

  1. Clinton used to do that in the oval office too. HR should have had him fixed. It would have been better for everyone.


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