Watching videos of puppies and kitties for my health

I’ve spent the last 48+ hours ingesting everything negative and evil in the world.  I’ve become VENGEFUL.  I was hoping this morning that I would open up the IPAD and find that France had blown to smithereens more ISIS locations in northern Syria.  I was hoping that the French and Belgium police had taken out a neighborhood of ISIS radicals in their own countries.  My heart is seeking revenge.  I’m way too caught up in it.  I’m backing away for my own health. I know what anxiety, anger and frustration do to the soul and the body. I pushed a cat off of the davenport this morning in my frustration.  I feel like I am an addict.  I’m angry that the jihadist are still breathing the same earth air that I’m breathing.  I want them stopped and I want them stopped right now.  I find myself wanting to drop a bomb on the Syria – wipe it out.   I’ve become them.

So I’m backing away.

I’m going to attempt meditation to find a normal, peaceful place.  I have to shut it down.  I don’t like the way it makes me feel.

I’ll let you know how this works.

Until next time…..