Ice and snow

A couple weeks ago, a friend of mine announced that he was taking off for Florida for a few weeks. I had 3 thoughts.

  • He is an integral part of a spirit book class I attend on Thursdays and I thought…bummer.
  • Wow that sounds really fun….this will be the second winter that thoughts of escaping the cold will be foiled because of things happening in my life. O’ POOR ME
  • Why would he want to go in January…why not wait until February…February always sucks!

Today as I sit here watching the snow fall over already ice covered streets I had an “ah ha” moment.

My threefold thought process didn’t occur because of Randy’s trip to Florida in January. It occurred because it triggered me to past life disappointments that were very real, emotions were attached to these disappointments and in all likelihood I had wallowed in them.

  • I will miss his input in group was a genuine feeling.
  • These “things” holding me back from taking off for a week are all in my mind and are only based in fear aka I shouldn’t, I couldn’t, what would, what if.
    He should go in February is nothing but my ego jumping in saying that Randy is wrong and I am right….plain and simple….February is the month to escape…my rules
  • So today on Randy’s birthday that he is spending walking barefoot on a beach in Florida, I’m watching the snow fall, I have an opportunity to spend a day with myself reading, crafting, crocheting and realizing right here, right now that I am content and I am thankful because I am loved and I am blessed!
  • Until next time….
  • Don’t leave me now!!!

    As I was rolling down I35 this afternoon from Des Moines to Kansas City, I was transported into one of those metaphysical caravans.  That feeling of belonging to the group when you travel behind or in front of other cars who have their speed control set at exactly the same speed.  Today’s relationship involved an older red Pontiac grand am with Minnesota plates and an older dark colored GMC pickup with Iowa plates.  I followed the pickup for many miles, passing other cars in rhythm and the red Pontiac was following me.  I first became aware of my group when the Pontiac brazenly passed me and got between the pick up and me.  That was fine…we stayed in this little fictional group for many, many miles.

    I’ve had this little comradory before but usually when I’m traveling behind someone traveling over the posted speed and I slide in behind them feeling safer with someone ahead of me drawing the radar attention.

    But as usual…someone had to mess it up!  The pickup just had to pull off at a rest area so it was just the juke and the Pontiac….when I pulled off on 470 and the Pontiac continued on 435, I wondered if the driver had any idea that he/she was such a part of my life.

    Until next time……

    I’m looking forward to…

    Well, it isn’t the snow forecast for the weekend in Kansas City.

    The weather will start to warm up next weekend – in the 50’s – it arrives while we are in Belize. Obviously, we didn’t plan that well.  This would have been the week to be gone!

    I look forward to camping this summer..Bennett Spring is #1 on my list…I would like to take a camping trip to Glacier National Park in Montana during the sultry days of July.  The first of May looks to be perfect for  3 days in Vegas with some friends from the Sheriff’s Office in Newton.  I’m giddy with excitement to see the other 4 again.  I’m looking forward to Major League Baseball season.  While I’ve had to switch my lifetime allegiance over to the American League from the National League (I will still root for those Cincinnati Reds) but after last years Royal Fever, I know it is not going to be a hard adjustment.



    He and I took our taxes to the CPA this past week so while we were close, we decided to drop by the Sports Complex to find our way around.

    IMG_2910 IMG_2915 IMG_2919

    Which only made me look forward to the NFL season!!  I look forward to spending time with family and friends this summer. I hope to get in a couple of Slipstream concerts.  I can see the Iowa Stair Fair on the agenda.  There is hope……… good Lord willing and the creek don’t rise.

    Until next time…..

    Airplanes….I love airplanes….

    One of the things that he and I have in common is our love and fascination with airplanes. Perhaps you don’t know, but he attended Indian Hills in Ottumwa for airplane mechanics and he actually left me while we were dating for a job in Louisiana to work on helicopters for PHI.

    Before 9/11 and TSA, we used to stop at airports and watch planes take off…we used to sit at the blue lights at the Des Moines airport near the runway…everyone else was making out…we were watching planes take off and land. one visit to Chicago, we found an abandoned parking lot near the O’hare airport and watched them take off. We opened the sunroof and took pictures…

    While waiting for our plane in Rome…we had an awesome view…it was very exciting to see planes from different countries and different airlines than I’ve seen before…here are some pics.