Aunt Frances….aka the bad niece

Aunt Frances is totally on my fact, thinking about blogging, I’ve been kind of focused on her so can’t even think of anything else to talk about.  He and I went to visit her at the hospital tonight.  She has obviously had a stroke…she didn’t act like she recognized either of us.  maybe Him.  She held his hand the entire time we were there and attempted to look at him but her eyes kept going sideways and upward.  The nurse said they thought she was possibly going to have another stroke…they haven’t been able to find the blockage with an MRI but the damage is obvious.  We went to Aunt Frances’ apt before we went to the hospital because her busy body neighbor said I needed to sign some checks.  While I was there she mentioned several times how mad Aunt Frances was because I put mom in hospice…hinted that she was changing her will…after a discussion about where Aunt Frances would be going, I said I thought a hospice house would be much better than hospice in a nursing home…busybodybitch said…Well your aunt wouldn’t want to hear that after you sent your mother there.  In an email to family when I got home, I said…my mother was upset with me because I didn’t tell her that my dad was going to die.  My Aunt thinks I killed my mother because she thinks I had something to do with her going to was the doctor and she agreed…and Aunt Frances is so upset with me that she refused to let the doctor or hospital call to let me know she was in there for 3 weeks…I’m her next of kin.  I’m all she has…now this nosy neighbor who lives next door has the audacity to repeat stories to my face about how my aunt does nothing but whine about what a bad niece I am.  I am pretty positive she and I are going to tangle before this is over and I have no doubt who will win.  She certainly monitored my activities while at Aunt Frances’ apartment..I almost felt like she was in charge and I had better wipe my shoes before I entered or I would be in trouble.  I’m sick to death of the excuse that they are old and I should take that into consideration.  My mother and my aunt have always had something missing in their personalities…getting old just made it worse…I’m sick to death of the excuses for bad behavior.  If I weren’t so angry, perhaps I would be devastated…these are horrible charges to lay on anyone…especially the adult child everyone is supposed to love….hmmmm