The stained glass window

Earlier this year I returned home after a girl’s weekend with Sue and Lennie with 2 of these.

While visiting West End Salvage in Des Moines (you may have heard of them from their short run on one of the cable network Home improvement/turn junk into cool stuff shows). I had my eye on a stain glass window and Lennie said her sister who was downsizing and had moved into an assisted living facility had a couple of stained glass windows she was selling and they either had an N or an H on them. I interpreted this to mean that if it was an N, it was meant to be and if H, well, Hmmmmm. The even more exciting thing for me was that her sister got them from her son who took them out of a house in Kansas City when he remodeled. They had to come full circle and return to Kansas City!

Since then, I’ve several times pulled them out of their safe hiding place in the basement to figure out what to do with them. Finally, He and I figured it out…my ideas….his handiwork ability.

A frame to hold button lights….and a beautiful glow on my mantle.

Until next time….

DIY Lotion Day

I spent my day making lotion.  I got my recipes from Wellness mama.

I thought lotion bars would be the most convenient….Wellness mama and all of her followers said they were wonderful because you can just rub them on and they leave a light coating.  Probably true but not very easy to “just rub them on”.  Not as easy as slathering.  The biggest challenge (indicating they were basically easy to make) was waiting for the bee’s wax to melt.

But, they are very cute!

I left a couple in my neighbor, Robbein’s door and she thought they were candy until I sent her a message telling her what I had done and what they were.  One bite and she may have started locking the doors when she saw me outside.

The next recipe was whipped lotion…a few more steps including getting the electric mixer involved which I haven’t had in my hand since last Christmas.

Okay…honestly the biggest challenge was cleaning the kitchen after this project…but I had fun.

Until next time…..