Someone thinks I’m a bitch?

I was leaving a comment on @strawberryfieldsgirl this morning – her blog was one of those that makes me think…YAH.  That took me to perceptions in my mind.  How do other people see us.  We know who we are within our own minds; yet, how many times are you surprised to learn that someone doesn’t see you the way you think you present yourself.  Especially when you learn their perceptions  are absolutely, totally opposite  how YOU think others see you.  I’ll never forget when a new hire in the jail told someone that I was a bitch.  This woman had seen me once..had talked to me on the intercom perhaps twice..I always try to be on my best behavior at work and treat new people very well….even if I think they are ignorant or dumber than mud …I make it a point to always be friendly with a helpful smile regardless of what I”m thinking…I think they say that is having a good poker face.  She said I was a bitch.  I took it to heart – it didn’t hurt my feelings because I thought she was an idiot and come to find out I was right but it made me stop in my tracks and re-evaluate.

Which leads me to the phrase “you can’t fix stupid”.    You can even try to prepare yourself for stupid…but it only lowers the bar to a new level.  I don’t know what it is?  Small town stupid?  No consequences growing up stupid?  Lack of real intelligence?  apathy? Are truly stupid people even aware that others think they are stupid?  Is it just my perception of stupidity.  No..I don’t think or the buzz phrase “can’t fix stupid” wouldn’t have gotten around so quickly.

Until next time….