Halloweeeeen full disclosure

I used to pay these two off NOT to go trick or treating although NOT until the age that they knew what $10 would buy at Walmart…. Kind of a family dirty secret *OMG, seriously? Yes, seriously $10 bought more in the 80s and 90s than now.

Growing up in Iowa, we went door to door asking for candy on Beggers Night. Not actual Halloween. That’s just dumb, Iowa. It was not until we moved to Missouri that I found out that kids solicit candy and pulverize pumpkins in the middle of the street on the actual Halloween. Having a separate beggers night meant that parents really had no idea without asking by calling 911 or just somehow “hearing” what night kids trick or treat. And I wasn’t kidding…there are a lot of inconsiderate and quite frankly selfish people out there. 911 where is your emergency? Uh YA I got a question when is beggers night.

Sometime in the 60s….some of you will recognize yourselves…I learned at the baptist church where my parents did their Sunday drop off and pickup, that if you celebrated Halloween you were worshipping the devil…so somewhere in the recesses of my mind, I always thought I was doing something wrong dressing up and celebrating the devil. That and learning that all of my dead grandparents were up in heaven watching me and knew when I was doing something wrong. But that’s another blog topic.

I’ve never been to a costume party although I do know how to talk the talk about my excitement to do it. My old soul grandson is not big on knocking on strangers doors after dark and asking for candy…which is actually the logical way to look at it considering we scare the crap out of our kids with strangers danger and having manners by not trespassing.

Some of my friends love Halloween and everything about it. I have now officially come out with with truth and I am guessing this will have no effect on our relationship other than a possible side conversation *did you know Nina is a Halloween hater….no, me either!

So there you have it….nothing positive to say but thanks for going down that rabbit hole with me.

Until next time….

5 thoughts on “Halloweeeeen full disclosure

  1. I have never heard of Beggars’ night, but I do love the hurtling of gourds.

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  2. Another thing we share. It’s not about religion. I just simply don’t like Halloween and I don’t get why anybody thinls it’s so fun to do the creepy freaky stuff. When I was a kid we lived in town, Smalllll town, I loved sitting on the porch handing out candy to all the little kids. That was fun. Living in the country then, we drove our kids to certain ppl’s houses mostly relatives and came home. Nbd/ But for me it was just a let’s get this holiday out of the way and start on Christmas! I know a lot of adults that are really into Halloween, I don’t get it. but whatever floats your boat I guess.

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  3. WOW WOW WOW! I have never heard of Beggars Night. I went and read about it and it was set up because one year so many kids were vandalizing things. What I don’t understand it why having it on a different night made any difference in vandalism.

    Religion really screws a lot of things and people up. I remember once I become involved in the evangelical church how they demonized Halloween too,

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    • Yes now that I know he whole country doesn’t do beggers night it even makes less sense to me. Iowa getting rid of it would be third in line priority after dumping Joni Ernst and the horrible Steve king!

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