Insert your favorite expletive

Just a short rant before I leave the insignificant irritations behind and thoroughly enjoy my day.

I call enter your own expletive . I don’t believe the Clarion, etc et al company give a expletive, use your own don’t steal mine about saving energy and saving water or any of the other living green society jargon they grab ahold of. Their bottom line is money. And the less housekeeping they have to pay for making beds and the less laundry personnel they have to hire to wash sheets and towels everyday, the more they make.

I’ve stayed at several hotels that tell you if you want clean towels, put them on the floor and if you can use them again, hang them up. This little bathroom signed totally pissed me off.

Kind of like let’s give companies more money by cutting taxes so they will hire more people and pay them better.


Until next time,…

2 thoughts on “Insert your favorite expletive

  1. I also do not believe the concept that giving more money to corporations will have the average worker. Those of us that have been “trickled on” by trickle-down economics see the BS for what it is, an upward surge of money to the uber-wealthy.

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  2. That is total BS! It is a hotel. They should give you clean towels EVERY DAY!

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