After death

Death of a parent can really screw with your life.  For anyone who has had a wonderful, deep, loving relationship with a parent that has died, I know the pain is so great that you really wonder if you will survive.  The immediate overwhelming grief is incompacitating.  Sometimes after a parent has passed, intellectually we can feel relief that it is finally over and I’m speaking of long, painful or difficult illness and dying process.  Somewhere you  grasp the reality that you love them enough that you are thankful they are finally without pain and fear!

But there are others of us out there who do not have the wonderful, deep loving relationship with a parent.  These relationships are colored with many different crayons.  The reasons are many and very personal and obviously painful.  Death in these kind of relationships are difficult because the survivor’s grief is all wrapped up in the fact that this is the end….there is no turning back, or fixing the relationship mixed in with the emotion of not feeling anything at all.  Yet a devastating understanding that this is not how you are supposed to feel…knowing full well that your memories of the life you shared negates any real emotion you have about the death.

……my answer after my mothers death was to dig deep and work and work and work to find some peace within myself…understanding that she did the best she could do with what she had to work with.  Understanding that mental illness is not just an excuse but an actual disease.  Letting go of the painful negative and remembering the positive memories that are now able to be recalled.  8 years ago today, the healing began.  I still don’t feel a lot of grief in her death but I am able to feel some affection for the woman who raised me.  R.I.P. Mom.

Until next time.

6 thoughts on “After death

  1. You feel what you feel. I think it’s pretty awesome that you’re able to find some peace in it.

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  2. Who cares what you are “supposed to” feel? Just be gentle with yourself and feel whatever you actually do feel. It sounds like you have made some real peace. Awesome.

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  3. This is so important “Understanding that mental illness is not just an excuse but an actual disease. ”
    You are a different person than you were, stronger, more open.

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  4. Love and hugs Nina! That is great personal growth! Parents have such a huge impact on our life and I know your relationship with your mom was so challenging. Most people don’t get this far but it will make your life better. I am happy for you!

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