2014 Italy Day 3…Goodbye Venice…Hello Vasto!

I didn’t get all of my pictures downloaded last night…Here’s a couple I thought were worth mentioning. We stopped at a sidewalk pizza restaurant for dinner. These little restaurants along the streets and sidewalks are so quaint and could not be replicated in the US mostly because of the history of the Italian cities and the atmosphere…I’m sure to the Italians…we are all tourists…but to us, the tourists, it is so easy to fall I into the mindset of being Italian…even for the day…it’s in the air….anyway…back to the pizza place…we were in an alcove with a tree growing in the corner…the ceiling was actually the tree branches and leaves and the night sky was visible between the leaves…Gena was fascinated…she is going to love this picture of herself.


He has just not been impressed with the Italian beer he has tried
Too hoppy whatever that means…



I snapped this picture of the boys setting up the water taxi service for this morning before we settled in for the night. Settled In Is not exactly what we did…He and I couldn’t sleep…I think we finally shut off the light around 2 and got our wake up call at 5.

Found out how supplies are delivered to the businesses in this canal city while waiting on a bridge this morning. The long boats pull up to the taxi pick up corners and they unload onto carts and are then pushed around the city for delivery. While I was standing on the bridge taking in the view, one of the long boats slowly meandered down the canal under me and I had a freakish movie scenario go thru my head ….of me….(feel free to fill In The movie characters)…jumped from the bridge onto the boat and ran across all of the boxes and jumped the driver. Shortly our water taxi arrived…couldnt park next to the sidewalk so we had to step down on the delivery boat and walk across it to board the taxi. I had already been wondering how brave I was going to be stepping from the sidewalk down to the taxi. I’m thankful the real scenario had not been entertained in my already fertile imagination.

Still dark, we traveled down the Grand Canal to the train station. It was like a movie!




Boarded the train, rented the car and fell asleep on the beach of the Adriatic Sea in Vasto…I’ll fill in the blanks later.


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