If you haven’t spent a lot of time totally alone with the only stimulation being yarn and a crochet hook, then you may just think I’m wacked or morbid…but tonight – I was listening to another agency talking about an accident and the victim being unconscious….I let my mind wander…If someone would have asked me if I was claustrophobic, I would have said – nope…don’t think so…I read a book not too long ago where the character was crawling thru a cave and it kept getting smaller and smaller to where he was having to drag himself thru the small places and I got this creepy, disgusting feeling in the pit of my stomach and thought – wow, I could never do that.  Then there was the MRI experience – I wasn’t even in the tube – just my lower body – my head and arms were flush with the tube but there is no way I could have sat up.  This gave me that same sick feeling in the gut.  I decided that it is not being able to get up/sit up/at least sit in an upright position/being tied down that brings on the fear.  Tonight I took this one step further…what happens when we are unconscious or comatose?  What if I’m laying in a bed someday and am in a coma – in a coma to the outside world – but what if I’m totally normal in my mind – I just can’t let anyone know.  What if “he” plays my favorite music, everyone talks to me and holds my hands, he brings the dogs to see me and I can’t respond…I’m trapped….it totally scares me….

So…don’t think about it – get back to crocheting!!!

Okay…whose idea was it to get all of the cats new collars with bells…they are driving me crazy….especially in the morning when they all run around seeing and chasing things that don’t exist….ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding

It is obviously time to go to bed!!!!!

I didn’t watch more than an hour of the presidential debate last night – I just couldn’t take all of the rhetoric.  While I”m an Obama/Biden supporter, I also listen to what McCain has to say.  He certainly is not as articulate and I got the impression tonight that he was almost desperate…I wish that were not the case..if it were just McCain, I think I could, in good conscience, not be totally upset if he were elected…but gee, americka, you know I’m just really concerned about Palin.  I just wonder – are the republicans just wishing that she would be quiet…very, very quiet… I keep wanting to give her the benefit of the doubt..but then she opens her mouth again.  Goodness.

First night back tonight – not too bad yet – but then I have 4.5 hours to go.  Nothing much has changed.  I’ve had a glorious 14 days off….

Until next time….

I couldn’t resist buying a pint of ham salad at the Fareway meat counter a couple of days ago…I love ham salad.  But, the ham salad I love is what I ate every day for lunch in high school.  Ham Salad sandwich and two chocolate no bakes cookies… it scares me that I remember this 34 years later.

I won my fantasy football game again this week. 

I signed up for a facebook account..I’m not exactly sure why I did it..but I did.  Nina Brown or  If you also do facebook, please send me a friend request. 

Do you ever wake up with an unprovoked irritability? 

He’s gone to bed.  I just ate a regular can of pears by myself…perhaps I should save myself and go to bed.

Until next time….

Fatty, Fatty two by four

  …couldn’t get thru the bathroom door….if you are close to my age, do you remember this playground chant.  Do you remember when little boys wore size huskies and little girls wore chubbys…I have always had a weight problem – that is to say  my growing up years found me about 10 lbs overweight – sometimes 15 lbs…I’ve always felt like I wore the fat girl sash – especially now that I’m in my 50’s, menopausal and heavier than I’ve ever been in my life….which leads me to the very painful series premier of Desperate Housewives…

In case you don’t watch, the housewives, it is a very “simple” show about the thin, beautiful women of Wisteria Lane and all of their “troubles”.  Flash to this season’s premier – 5 years elapsed since the season finale.  Eva Longoria who is married to blind Carlos finds herself matronly and overweight and the mother of a large hispanic child.  The bitch of the neighborhood, Edie, played by Nicollette Sheridan returns to the neighborhood and notices the changes in Gabby – played by Longoria…Gabby annouces that she has had two children and Sheridan’s character asks her if she had them for breakfast.  Enter Gabby’s large daughter – the 4 year old who looks much older due to her size – it struck a nerve in me.  I’m appalled by this storyline.  This youngster is obese…at one point, I wondered….they wouldn’t have this little girl gain all of this weight just to play the part, would they…and then I thought – what kind of a casting call did they put out….this is TV, but what the hell kind of body image and life changing inner dialogue is in store for this young child.  Gabby notices her child is not running around and playing like the other “normal” children so she invents a game where Gabby pulls away in the car each time the child goes for the door handle – thus forcing her to run…she goes home to tell Carlos that he shouldn’t be putting so much cheese on the brussel sprouts because the child has a weight problem yelling that she ate a sheet cake at the party…

  MV5BMTI1MzI3NzU1MF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMjY1NTQ5MQ@@__V1__CR50,0,400,400_SS80_ MV5BMTgzMTUyMDQ0N15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMzY1NTQ5MQ@@__V1__CR100,0,400,400_SS100_ MV5BMTU2ODE2NjIzN15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNDY1NTQ5MQ@@__V1__CR0,0,512,512_SS100_ To be politically correct in this country, we would never poke fun at a black, brown, yellow, red or purple person, we would not make fun of someone with a physical handicap – I’m sure America would be appalled if they were portraying a mentally handicapped child of Gabbys as something to be ashamed about…why are we allowing children with a weight problem to be put out there for ridicule and snickers. This is wrong!!!!

Until next time…


Here’s pics from our trip to Cleveland

IMG_0869 IMG_0872 IMG_0842 IMG_0862

The Brown’s stadium is right on the lake so imagine my delight, being a lighthouse collector, to see this across from the stadium…


I also took pics of Katy in the classroom of the Montissori preschool where she assists and teaches sign language but she said I could not put them on line.

Until next time….