It’s 6 AM in Missouri….

…and we are already in Pompei really hoping these next two days are peaceful for Mount Vesuvio! 2 1/2 hours from Vasto, it’s un altro mundo…different world. I had forgotten the awe I felt the first time seeing ancient ruins while driving down the street. We have only experienced the area around the ruins but we have lost the beauty and the cleanliness I felt just a few hours ago. Another adventure!

Checked into the B&B Elena…the owners didn’t realize the 4 of is were American size adults. He and I are doing the bunk beds.



I chose the top because of the claustrophobia….ahem…the other 3 didn’t realize it was also closer to the air conditioner.



It’s actually a nice, tidy room and we will all just roll with it or squeeze by it. Time for lunch.