Niagara Falls

Against Kate’s wishes, He and I went to Niagara Falls today.  How fun.  She thought we were insane to drive 3.5 hours to see water running over rock and then drive 3.5 hours home.  We did it anyway…you know…rebellious parents 🙂  I chaperoned the high school band (kate’s year) to New York – the first stop was Niagara on the Canadian side.  I got wet…I was tired.  This time we went to the US side.  I’m glad I’ve seen both sides.  The horseshoe falls are better seen on the canadian side but personally I like the US side better.  Not so commercialized and more like the typical U S park….although with that being said…if you are going to visit the area overnight – go to the canadian side – lots more hotels/restaurants – and much cleaner.  The city of Niagara Falls (US) seems a little more run down.  (My advice tlm0000 is stay on the canadian side but run over to the US side before you head for home.)  I’ll post pics and a couple of videos when I get home.

Leaving in the AM.  Always hard to leave my baby but he and I are both ready to get back to normal for awhile.  We have been gone off and on for about two weeks.

Until next time…..