In September of 2007, I started a blog on Xanga and used the moniker, Ninasusan.  My old friend Jeff aka Ground Hog (ghog) brought me to the table.  I had no idea how that decision would change my life.  Somehow in the huge blogesphere a blog written by a woman named Tracy caught my attention.  At that time, she blogged on a regular basis about her daily life.  I connected with her…and the rest is a love story of friendship.

He and I spent the weekend with Tracy and her husband, Corey and her sister, Erin (who I also met through Tracy on Xanga).  We joke that we are sisters from a different mister AND mother.  It is the only way to express the affection, respect and joy we soak in from our mostly internet relationship.  Here we are:


and here is Toledo



Tracy’s beloved Frankie


My very favorite room in Tracy’s house


and Tracy and Erin several years ago during a meet-up in Chicago.  One of them is going to kill me for posting this.


…and the story of Holy Toledo goes like this.  Back many decades ago, apparently Toledo had (and still has) an inordinate amount of churches per capita…thus Holy Toledo.  Thankfully progress has not bulldozed the beauty of many of these old churches.  Minus the ridiculous road construction which makes it difficult to even get to Toledo, we found it a nice, comfortable city – kind of like Des Moines…reasonably quiet, midwest feel with the opportunities of adventure a car ride away.

Much love to my Toledo girls!

Until next time….

Living in the moment

I’m confident that the more I’m able to process the quietness of my soul, the easier it will be for me to shut it down and appreciate the individual moments.  Each time I realize I have too many thoughts deflecting peace of mind, the quicker I seem to be able to shut it down!  It happened this afternoon driving Detroit to Toledo.  I found myself peaking at natures beauty of the fall tree colors but was interrupted thinking about the weekend…planning..thinking about the return trip on Sunday and then I was able to stop!

No way could my camera pick up the beauty but my soul soaked it in.

We had dinner at a sweet little local Italian restaurant tonight with Corey, Tracy and Erin…missing our girl, Mary Beth!  It is going to be a wonderful weekend full of conversation and love!  I have chosen beautiful friends.

Until next time…..