Today’s list of irritants

The general public – this is usually at the very top of every list.  I would like to be able to narrow down this list to just the poor souls who have no common sense, those who were not raised with consequences, those who did not get adequate education (whether the schools fault or their own) and those who have a sense of entitlement because they pay taxes and thus my salary.  To that I say…you do not pay enough taxes if your taxes are paying my salary and I'm paid to deal with you!

Justin Bieber and KIOA oldies 93.3 who decided to have a DO YOU KNOW BIEBER LIKE WE KNOW BIEBER contest on the radio.  I very seriously doubt that there are very many people who listen to oldies 93.3 could pick Bieber out of lineup or could care less what his parent's name is.

Tattle tales….

politicians… today especially Iowa Governor, Terry Branstad (R).  The political menace who along with his lt Gov were traveling at a hard 90 mph on a highway in Iowa…of course being chauffered by the Iowa State Patrol…at any rate…big bunch of BS about it with folks being put on administrative leave, etc but not the state trooper doing the driving of the idiot and his 2nd in command.  This just totally pisses me off. .  Did I mention this totally pisses me off?

Until next time….