….and now we begin the months of mating

Taking the white clothes out of the dryer today, there were two pairs of socks. One ankle pair that belonged to me and a pair of mid calf, thick, robust socks that belonged to him. I sighed realizing cold weather has arrived. For him, anyway. I will continue to wear my Offos flip flops until we have snow. Of course, this year I won’t be going anywhere because of flu/COVID season so perhaps flip flops will see me through until spring.

For as long as I’ve been aware of the washing machine and dryer, I’ve been aware of the urban legends of what happens to 1 out of every so-many pairs of socks. Nothing disappears in the act of doing laundry like socks…I maintain that we can continue to complain as we try to mate socks or we can just reach blindly into the dryer and just mate them as they come out. Where is it written that the person who does laundry must be the responsible adult.

Which brings me to sock manufacturers. Why do they mess with us. Why do they insist on a black logo one year, perhaps a blue one another year. I have several pair of black, gray and white design socks and each one identical EXCEPT each pair has a different color of stripe around the ankle. WHY WHY WHY. Is this really necessary? Socks are stuffed in shoes…and worn during the same season that long pants cover the rest of them. Why make this complicated?

Until next time when we will discuss why food that misses the mouth is only attracted to white shirts!

Seriously, Jenny?

Almost 5 years ago, Jenny moved to Kansas City.  Winter always brought those heartfelt texts from her.  It’s not snowing here, mom…it’s 50 degrees today…you guys should move here!  Ahem.  So we did.


Jenny’s aunt-in-law posted this on her Facebook page today.  HAHAHAHAHA It’s the very same picture I posted a couple of times on my FB page representing the public and my perception, as a dispatcher, of what they all were doing!  My 66-degrees  house, sleet outside, going outside requires wearing my heavy winter coat, expecting snow south of Kansas City chuckle.


Thanks to whoever gave me these socks for Christmas or my birthday one year!!  I’M NOW WEARING SOCKS!

…..and Jenny…very cruel joke!

Until next time….