The name just rolls off the tongue.  It is a beautiful place.

We ate breakfast at the same little cafe in the older tourist part of downtown.  What a view each morning.

We were both in a strange mood this vacation.  He made the comment as we were heading back to Nevada that this seemed like the longest vacation we’ve ever had and we still have 2 more days.  I’m not sure what we were expecting in Sedona.  We decided that if you were wanting a very relaxing layed back vacation and loved the mountains and rocks – this was a great place to go…and if you love hiking and rock climbing…again…this is your town.  We just were not in that mood…the altitude bothered me and we were just restless.  We left a day earlier than we had planned and ate the price of one night’s lodging..I suppose that is what was different this vacation…it was actually planned out, reservations made and for He and I…that is not the way to travel!

Until next time….